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Resources for Following Jesus

Study Resources

We love the Word of God, and we want to help you learn to study, understand and apply the Bible for yourself. All our study materials are free to use. You can download one of these featured resources, or see our full list of study guides.

Commands of Christ

From and #NoPlaceLeft, this study helps you to teach disciples "to obey everything [Jesus] has commanded."

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Discipleship Course for Youth

This is a simple question and answer course which covers the basics of salvation and the importance of the life and belief of the Christian. It is a shorter and more basic version of the full discipleship course based on the NIV and intended for younger believers.

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God's Word on Jesus Christ

Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, fully God and fully human, two natures in one Person. This is a comprehensive study on what God’s Word teaches about Jesus Christ.

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Rapture Before the Tribulation

The Rapture is the future event when Christ will descend from heaven at which time those who are in Christ will be immediately taken up to meet Him in the air. Following the Rapture is a seven year period of great distress and misery on earth, or in Biblical terms, a time of great trouble and suffering. This is an in-depth study of these events with emphasis on the scriptural evidence that the Rapture will immediately precede the Tribulation period.

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The Office of Elder

Meaning of the term “elder,” duties of the elder, the number of elders in a church and congregational responsibilities for pastors/elders.

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The Office of Deacon

Meaning of the term “deacon,” how deacons are to be selected and the responsibilities of deacons.

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The Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture

The word “inspiration” literally means “God-breathed” in the Greek. And because Scripture is breathed by God, it is true and without error. This is a study of the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible.

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Discipleship Course

This is a simple question and answer course which covers the basics of salvation and the importance of the life and belief of the Christian. It can be studied in whole or in parts by individuals working with new Christians, Bible study classes or even individually by a new Christian, who does not have anyone to ground him in God’s word. The first unit except for the last two parts could be used as an evangelistic study to introduce people to Christ. The table of contents gives a very excellent overview of what the course covers.

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God's Word on God's Word

What the Bible teaches about itself.

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Verse-by-Verse Preaching

Angelo Bible Church practices expository preaching by which seeks to simply expose the meaning of a text and to find ways to apply it to daily living.

Jesus has called you to be his disciple in order to use you to call others to be his disciple, too.
Some messages preached at Angelo Bible Church are not part of a series. You can find those messages here.
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